Flickering in the light, it caught my eye.  An object of the purest of desires.  It’s goniochromism shining multicolored brilliance, commanding my hands towards its majesty.  I pause, my hands tremble at the thought of touching this piece of wonder.  

Giggling, I command my hands to reach forward once more.  My fingers ponder the feeling of its opalescence.  Smooth, silken beauty dangling just out of reach.  My legs weaken; callous traitors holding me back from possessing such a gem.  My brain implores them to push harder.  

Pushed to their limits my legs and arms feebly retract back towards my body.  Hope is lost.  This iridescent globe will taunt me for all eternity.  This is the thirst of Tantalus.  My white whale is so close yet ever eluding my embrace.  


I refuse this defeat.  I am destined to elide with this artistry.  To obtain my shimmering, lustrous orb, I will subvert the laws of nature.  Defy the will of Gods and men.  Split the very ground under my feet.  Fight until my body is shattered and I plummet into the frostbitten shackles of ruination.

Once more, I push.  Legs extending.  Arms protruding.  Drooling at the anticipation of triumph.  I grasp at victory.

“Ow.  No Jason, we shouldn’t pull on Mommy’s earring.  Here you sit in your high chair and Mommy will make you some food.”

Heartbreak washes over me.  I watch the warden imprisons my glistening trophies; back into her oaken cache of treasures.

Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.
– Douglas Horton

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