Judging Books By Their Covers: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

A Novel of Zelda FitzgeraldI was wandering through the book store again and I saw this lovely cover.  It initially drew me in because of the giant “Z” right on the cover.
The contrast in letter size is absolutely amazing on this book cover and definitely draw the eye.  At a distance, all you can really see is the “Z” with a bar drawn through the center.  As the giant “Z” draws you in the smaller text begins to come into focus.  I think this has a lot to do design wise with the primary quote from the book.

“I wish I could tell everyone who thinks we’re ruined, Look closer…and you’ll see something extraordinary, mystifying, something real and true. We have never been what we seemed.”

The idea of looking closer is very present in this design.

I also really enjoy the “Z” being a window.  Alluding to this book being narrated by Zelda Fitzgerald.

The clothes being worn by the woman inside the “Z” suggest that we’ll be in the era when Flapper Girls were common.  This pairs wonderfully with the color choice to use only black and white.  A black and white cover may also suggest a timelessness associated with this story.

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