Judging Books By Their Covers: The Good Luck of Right Now

"The Good Luck of Right Now" by Matthew Quick

The Good Luck of Right Now has a lot of interesting design elements.  Hand drawn typography is making a huge comeback.  It makes things inanimate objects and information have that human touch, despite how much technology goes into mass producing these typographic/illustrative elements.

I also love the illustration used for the cover.  The ribbon helps break up the information.  Every piece is going a different direction but the ribbon helps legibility.  I enjoy the fortune cookie because it ties right into the title by symbolizing luck.

My biggest turnoff for this cover is that they used orange for “The Silver Linings Playbook.”  This heavily contrasts the blue background and takes a lot of focus away from the title and author (elements that I would consider to be more important).

I’m assuming this book is a love story.  My guess is that it would follow a standard love story archetype and have the main character finding out that they create their own luck.  Finishing the book provides some proverb like life lesson.

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