Design Bits III

Fortune Cookie

These are a few more Design Bits that I pulled from older sketchbooks.

  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  -Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Your sketchbook should be full of risks taken.  Even failures can result in successes later.
  • Let your work be stolen.  Think of stealing, in the beginning, as anonymous distribution.
  • Bonus: Don’t allow others to profit from your work without receiving compensation (e.g. money, good feelings, gold, etc…)

The last two directly conflict with one another.  When I say steal, I mean allow for your work to be distributed by anyone via social media, email, etc… Let people print their own copies or draw things similar to your creation because it all comes back to you in the end.  In contrast, do not let someone steal your work for the cover of their book and no expect to pay you for your work.


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