One a Day

I’m in the process of planning a One a Day project.  It would start at the beginning of one month with the first piece and an article explaining every facet of my life (i.e. future plans, current thoughts, a few ideas about design, my philosophies on design, etc…).  It would end exactly one year from the start date there would be the last post and a similar article discussing the same ideas along with my thoughts on the project as a whole.

 Thoughts for the One a Day:

  • A drawing of a Letter per Day (Running through the alphabet 14 full times, with the potential for 1 extra letter)
  • Drawing a logo I see every day.
  • Drawing a portrait everyday of someone I see.  (These would be fast portraits unless I find sleeping models)
  • Tiny sculptures (I like this one for the 3D element and the variety of things I could build)
  • Drawing found objects
  • Drawing self-portraits

Votes are always appreciated and as always everything created will be scanned and posted.

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