I should be posting new material tomorrow.  This week was ridiculous but things are slowing back down before the final rush of the semester.  Since this is my last semester, I should have more time in the coming months to create and post new works. But, thanks for being patience and expect something tomorrow!

Updates Round 2

It’s update time again.  This time we’re rolling out a content schedule.  Here’s what I’m thinking: Monday: Swing Content (Placeholder until I get more articles written about a variety of topics) Wednesday: Sketchbooks, Illustrations, Project Updates (WIPs) Friday: Design Bits and Updates. Saturday/Sunday: Bonus Content (Articles, Contests, and Miscellaneous Topics) This schedule is subject to …


One a Day

I’m in the process of planning a One a Day project.  It would start at the beginning of one month with the first piece and an article explaining every facet of my life (i.e. future plans, current thoughts, a few ideas about design, my philosophies on design, etc…).  It would end exactly one year from …


Banner, Colors, and More

Updates to Come: The next round of scheduled updates to come are: A banner for the site A new site logo Working with the theme to use a color other than green (at this juncture I’m thinking either a similar blue or a red-orange) A working content schedule and new content.  (Design Bits, WIPs, Daily …