The Openly Editable Book

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a book that can be written, read, edited, or deleted all by the people who view it.  It could literally be blank by the end of the project and it would still be amazing.  But to have an ending to the project we must first have a …


I Had a Dream!

Po (final)

I’ve been recording my dreams in a dream journal.  Typically, I have very vivid dreams and incredibly crazy things happen.  In one of my more recent dreams, my friend Po and I were in a library eating BBQ.  He placed the water kettle on the fire and then proceeded to drink boiling water and breathe out steam.  It was very cartoonish but very vivid.  I made this quick sketch to showcase that section of the dream.

What I learned about pranks.

The Prequel: I was explaining to my Graphic/Web Design professor that the problem with php contact forms was that you could enter any email address and it would send to the recipient under that email.  I gave the example that I could send the entire class an email from our professor canceling class.  In a challenging …


My Blog

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