Flickering in the light, it caught my eye.  An object of the purest of desires.  It’s goniochromism shining multicolored brilliance, commanding my hands towards its majesty.  I pause, my hands tremble at the thought of touching this piece of wonder.   Giggling, I command my hands to reach forward once more.  My fingers ponder the …



One mouthful … an end to mortality.   These whispers floated carelessly teasing the fibers of my being. There wasn’t really much debate from me; gushing at the thought of living eternally.  I gulped down the muddy effervescence. I like thinking back to this moment.  It was the beginning of the end.  Or the end… …


Space Cowboy

You know, you’d expect space to be more fun.  Like the old west.  Men riding around like cowboys shooting anything that disagreed with them.  But that’s not the case.  Instead, it’s the same bureaucratic bullshit that you’ve experienced thousands of times throughout your life planetside.  Speed limits, interstellar highways, police cruisers watching for insignificant law …


The Openly Editable Book

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a book that can be written, read, edited, or deleted all by the people who view it.  It could literally be blank by the end of the project and it would still be amazing.  But to have an ending to the project we must first have a …


I Had a Dream!

Po (final)

I’ve been recording my dreams in a dream journal.  Typically, I have very vivid dreams and incredibly crazy things happen.  In one of my more recent dreams, my friend Po and I were in a library eating BBQ.  He placed the water kettle on the fire and then proceeded to drink boiling water and breathe out steam.  It was very cartoonish but very vivid.  I made this quick sketch to showcase that section of the dream.

Design Bits IV

Fortune Cookie

  • “It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow.  You have to get bad in order to get good.”  -Paula Scher
  • “Without contrast, you’re dead.” – Paul Rand
  • “Imitate. Don’t be shy about it. Try to get as close as you can. You’ll never get all the way, and the separation might be truly remarkable.” – Bruce Mau



I should be posting new material tomorrow.  This week was ridiculous but things are slowing back down before the final rush of the semester.  Since this is my last semester, I should have more time in the coming months to create and post new works. But, thanks for being patience and expect something tomorrow!

Updates Round 2

It’s update time again.  This time we’re rolling out a content schedule.  Here’s what I’m thinking: Monday: Swing Content (Placeholder until I get more articles written about a variety of topics) Wednesday: Sketchbooks, Illustrations, Project Updates (WIPs) Friday: Design Bits and Updates. Saturday/Sunday: Bonus Content (Articles, Contests, and Miscellaneous Topics) This schedule is subject to …


Design Bits III

Fortune Cookie

These are a few more Design Bits that I pulled from older sketchbooks.

  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  -Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Your sketchbook should be full of risks taken.  Even failures can result in successes later.
  • Let your work be stolen.  Think of stealing, in the beginning, as anonymous distribution.
  • Bonus: Don’t allow others to profit from your work without receiving compensation (e.g. money, good feelings, gold, etc…)

The last two directly conflict with one another.  When I say steal, I mean allow for your work to be distributed by anyone via social media, email, etc… Let people print their own copies or draw things similar to your creation because it all comes back to you in the end.  In contrast, do not let someone steal your work for the cover of their book and no expect to pay you for your work.


Design Bits II

Fortune Cookie

The second installment of Design Bits is here.

  • When you stop smiling it’s time to move on.  (This Bit is brought to you from my Graphic Design Professor, Jim Bryant)
  • Pick what to say and say it as clearly as possible.
  • “Computers are to design what microwaves are to cooking.” – Milton Glaser

One a Day

I’m in the process of planning a One a Day project.  It would start at the beginning of one month with the first piece and an article explaining every facet of my life (i.e. future plans, current thoughts, a few ideas about design, my philosophies on design, etc…).  It would end exactly one year from …


Banner, Colors, and More

Updates to Come: The next round of scheduled updates to come are: A banner for the site A new site logo Working with the theme to use a color other than green (at this juncture I’m thinking either a similar blue or a red-orange) A working content schedule and new content.  (Design Bits, WIPs, Daily …